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Last Updated: 10/5/2021

1Clock Data Enhance4/12/2020ATTENDANCE45
2Prorate Increment Issue31/12/2020PAYROLL56Prorate
3Access Right for EPF Table15/1/2020OTHER686.0.4.0946
4Displinary form access right issues resturn21/2/2020Other97
5B.Fwd. To Next Period6/4/2020Payroll122
6Missing Working Days for Rehire Employee3/6/2020Payroll147
7Allw Code Tax Class issues18/6/2020Other154
8Attendance Report Scaling Size20/6/2020Report155
9Resign Prorate3/8/2020Payroll178
10Deduction Unpaid leave function issues28/8/2020Payroll184
11Resign Prorate29/9/2020Payroll193
12New Hire/ Resign Prorate2/10/2020Payroll196
13Increment Report issue.9/10/2020Report200
14FlexiMykad folder dll file not complete12/10/2020Other202
15system cannot catch single clock data20/102020Attendance211
16Attendance Data is Different with Payroll22/10/2020Payroll214
17Purge employee master not clear22/10/2020Payroll215
18Overwrite tax transaction issues27/10/2021Payroll216
22104 OT MAX5/11/2020Payroll223
23Leave Form Issue ( Have separate to apply leave )9/11/2020Leave227
rehire employee resign work day calcultion
25Payroll report decimal issues11/11/2020Report229
26Lampiran B16/11/2020Report232
28EARLY OUT CALCULATION27/11/2020Attendance241
29CLOSE PERIOD ISSUES16/12/2020Payroll246
30Day Work Issue.17/12/2020Payroll248
31Payslip combine mutliple cycle basic show 017/12/2020Report249
32Mail Merge Additional Fields19/12/2020Other250
33transaction amount 0 cant release the hold payment24/12/2020BankExport251
34transaction amount 0 cant release the hold payment28/12/2020BankExport252
35Leave Entitlement – Effective Leave Balance6/1/2021Leave260
36Leave Issue13/1/2021Leave261
37Before entitlement will not bfwd to next year14/1/2021Leave262
38Attendance Leave Apply Issue (Flexible Schedule)14/1/2021Attendance263
39BFWD Forfeit Malfunction (12 months Forfeit)15/1/2021Leave264
40Re: Leave Encashment Enhancement16/1/2021Leave267
41Zakat End payment18/1/2021Payroll268
42Unpaid Leave Can not Calculate Back Date18/1/2021Payroll269
43Employee Master QDE function reference no issues19/1/2021Import271
44Field Access Control Not Response Issue20/1/2021Other272
45Posting UBS export issues21/1/2021Export274
46Increment report grouping issues25/1/2021Report276
47QDE key Leave form to resign staff error.25/1/2021QDE277
48Movement update – Project25/1/2021Other278
49CIMB Bank request Ambank (Payor Bank) Set “08”27/1/2021Export281
50New employee unable to key in child relief point27/1/2021EmployeeMaster282
51Past Year Leave Report Issue27/1/2021Leave283
52Basicpay result wrong in payslip29/1/2021Report285
53Payslip cut off for bonus3/2/2021Report289
54Leave Balance5/2/2021Leave291
55Enhancement for Welfare Report.9/2/2021Welfare292
56dynamic report front size17/2/2021Report298
57Ea form maintenance word error18/2/2021Report30060401155
58OT CALCULATION ISSUES22/2/2021Attendance301
59Wrong Leave balance after QDE leave form.25/2/2021Leave303
60Last Entitle is zero25/2/2021Leave304
61Time Off calculation25/2/2021Attendance306
62system don’t have block when leave balance is not26/2/2021Leave30760401160
63Compute payroll line exclude1/3/2021Payroll308
64Tax by employer deduct issues1/3/2021Payroll310
65mail merge data filter issues3/3/2021Other312
66mail mail fill filter service history issues3/3/2021Other313
67Payroll transaction ERRPRORATE issues4/3/2021Payroll314
68Welfare Report Issue9/3/2021Welfare318
69System Failed To Detect Abs and provide OT9/3/2021Attendance320
70Y-T-D Taxable Base issue.11/3/2021Payroll322
71DBNULL after QDE Record.17/3/2021Other328
72Basic factor calculation issues17/3/2021Payroll329
73CP8D after Re-generate, Figure got Issue17/3/2021Report330
74Update Wrong Field By Use QDE Update19/3/2021QDE331
75TAX CLASS was empty.24/3/2021Report335
76CP8D with Empty Amount31/3/2021Export338
77BIK Transaction Report31/3/2021Report341
78UOB BIBPlus Line:1 Error31/3/2021BankExport342
79Wrong OT calculation.1/4/2021Attendance343
80Leave Forfeited Issue1/4/2021Leave344
82ZAKAT Report- IF Employee net pay is negative/zero13/4/2021Report346
83YTD ZAKAT Disappeared In Payroll History Summary16/4/2021Report349
84CP 22 Not Generated Due To Cutoff Issue16/4/2021Report350
85Leave Entitlement Prorate calculation22/4/2021Leave355
86leave calculation for re-hired worker26/4/2021Leave355
87Cut-off 28/2 overlapped to March payroll28/4/2021Payroll359
88Generate CP 2229/4/2021Report360
89No Active Wrong Cut off30/4/2021EmployeeMaster361
90Leave Encashment Prorate Issue3/5/2021Leave362
91Maybank bank code update3/5/2021BankExport363
92Issue With Attn Concurrent Process Prevention4/5/2021Attendance364
93employee history affect basic calculation wrong4/5/2021Payroll365
94Wrong Leave Taken.4/5/2021Leave366
95Import Tools Bonus Transaction Cant Import Issue5/5/2021Import367
96Dynamic Report Data Field Issue7/5/2021Report368

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