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Deduction Maintenance

Deduction  Code can  be  divided  into 2 sections  of  displays –  Deduction Type and Deduction Code.

Deduction Type   Can also be defined as the Deduction Category All the built in Deduction Types are NOT editable
Deduction Code  This code will be used for the calculation of the payroll ONLYEach Deduction Code will be tagged to an existing Deduction Type

How to create a new Deduction Code?

  1. Go to Payroll Master Menu, and click on [Deduction Code]

2. Click on [New]

3. Enter all the nessacary data to create a NEW deduction code

Note: Please refer to the Table Below for more explanations on the Deduction Code.

1Deduction CodeUnique code that will be later used for calculation of Payroll
2TypeRefer to the Deduction Type
3DescriptionRefer to the meaningful Deduction Description will need to be input
4Default AmountThis is the Default Value for Deduction Amount and can be optional to enter
5Prorate MethodRefer to the Prorate Mechanism used for calculating the Deduction. It can be one of the following:No Prorate, Fix Factor, Calendar, Period Cut Off or Working Day as per Group Schedule set
6Rounding MethodThe rounding mechanism to use when there is any cents that involved of the decimal places
7Formula TypeN  – None; S  – Script; M  – Matrix
8EPF/ Sosco/ HRD/ ORP/ Paid Leave/ Un-Paid Leave / Additional WagesTick to enable the calculated allowance amounts to be contributed
9Cycle/ Cut Off From/ Cut Off ToCan cater for flexible Cycle Period, and Cut Off Date Range based on user defined
10Tax ClassDefine the allowance in which tax categories
11Not Entitle ifThis setting is to allow user to cater for those staffs which Hired and Resigned for more than how many days
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